Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Thanksgiving Panda

It's been a busy few weeks. Both Josh and I have the end-of-the-semester crazies, and we're up to our ears in grading. This is Josh's first semester sans finals, and I think it's starting to really sink in that he's done being a student. Done. Forever if he wants to be. Which brings me to my news.

Josh got a full-time job teaching English at College of the Sequoias in Visalia and Hanford. Josh'll actually be at the Hanford campus for now, which is a bummer because it's a smaller campus and because Hanford has notoriously bad water, but I've come around because a) I get full benefits and b) his salary is a ridiculously big leap in the right direction for us. Also, c) Hanford is an extremely cute small town that reminds me so much of Chico, which I miss endlessly, and d) Superior Dairy.

For those of you who, like me until very recently, have never heard these words together, Superior Dairy is an incredibly delicious family-owned diner-thingy in downtown Hanford. They make all of their ice cream by hand on the premises. And it is delicious, and you get ridiculously much for pretty cheap. I've been spending many hours looking at how far potential rental homes are from the SD. Because it is that delicious.

But the bad news (and really, this isn't bad as much as it is inconvenient) is that Josh and I have to move. Josh's classes are at 7:45 in Hanford, which is at least an hour's drive from Fresno, and Josh is not a morning person. So, since my own classes don't start until afternoons most days, we've decided that it makes most sense for us to be closer to his work. I don't want to do the moving part. I hate boxing things up. I hate living in increasingly less populated space. I hate lifting and carrying. Hate hate hate it. But maybe this is the last time we have to do it for a while. Maybe we'll be in our new house until we decide to buy something, since that is on our list of suddenly possible but formerly ridiculous life goals.

Anyway. It's been so nice having this good thing to look forward to that I've been coping well with the shiteous WC and all the crap I'm so sick of being around. Shanti shanti shanti. Thank god.

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